Yun-Hung’s favourite hobby is reading, especially the books about nature. He lives in a remote mountain area. The unique location of his home has allowed him to get to know many wild animals.

 Yun-Hung often comes into contact with Taiwanese blue dragonflies, golden-back turtle doves, spotted frogs...and many other animals. It makes him very happy to see animals in real life, not just on the television or in books. Through activities organized by his school, he has learned that the Earth’s biological chain is indispensable, and if it were to fail, the entire ecosystem would lose balance. As a result, all forms of life would suffer, including humans. Therefore, Yun-Hung hopes that by creating the story, Small Sparrow, Great Hero, he can awaken everyone's attention to ecology. Each individual person is small and can only do so much by themselves, but Mother Teresa said, "We can't do great things, but we can do a lot of little things full of big love." We must educate outselves about the small tasks that we can do to protect the Earth.

 Yun-Hung says, “If we fill ourselves with knowledge of nature, and everyone works hard together, I believe the we can make the world a better place.”