Jona David (13) is an award-winning UN Child Author, and his 3rd children’s book, The Mechanical Chess Invention, has recently been released. His brightly illustrated volumes highlight children's rights to a clean environment and education through the magical eco-science adventures of an Eco-Inventor Boy and his Little Brother. 

Jona David has been writing since he was 8. When he was told he had dyslexia at 7, he was determined to overcome it by memorising the 8,000 most common words in English, then wrote his first story, The Epic Eco-Inventions, to prove he’d managed. When a family friend submitted his story to the competition, he won the gold award to become Child Author for Europe and North America in 2014 in a series of books to celebrate the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, publishing The Epic Eco-Inventions at the age of 9, and The Great Green Vine Invention at the age of 10. His books have been translated into 4 UN languages, with over 1000 copies sold and downloaded in 40 countries.

His writings and work has been featured in The Guardian (, in the Cambridge News (see attached), among other places, including over social media ( and with the UN ( 

Jona is now working on his 4th children's book for the series, tentatively titled The Cosmic Climate Invention. A local author, he studies in The Element High School in Ottawa, Canada, singing in the St Matthews Boys Choir, active in Chess & Maths, and the Field Naturalists Clubs. Together with his little brother, Nico, who studies at Glebe Montessori School, they volunteer as UN Child Ambassadors for the world’s Sustainable Development Goals.

As part of this commitment, Jona speaks about the rights of future generations internationally, including in London, Paris, New York, Taipei, Casablanca, Berne, Hamburg, Bristol, Mexico City and other cities over the last three years. Jona addressed the UN Children’s Summit in New York for the launch of the world’s Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, earned a standing ovation for his keynote in the UNESCO’s children’s rights conference at Westminster in the UK Houses of Parliament in London in the summer 2016, and for his keynote speech in the Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention on Biodiversity in Mexico this December, alongside the Voices Child Author from Latin America.  He has won Pupil of the Year 2016 in the Cambridge Education Awards, also 2nd place worldwide (twice) in the Trust for Sustainable Living international sustainability essay competitions and schools debates in Oxford and in Dubai, and the Justitia Fundamentum Junior prize in Europe, among other awards, for his writings and awareness-raising for children’s rights, the environment, education and empowerment.