Ying-Xuan Lai, aged 13 is a student at BTS school. She loves reading, natural science, art and music. She is a member of Taipei Century Juvenile Symphony Orchestra.

Four years ago, Ying-Xuan began attending a training course (Project ECO) about the environment and species protection. She is now a member of an environmental action team which performs ecological surveys and field reconnaissance throughout Taiwan and Japan. She records her observations and turns them into stories and art. Her other recognised work has addressed marine extinction, indigenous communities and conservation, and the rights of children.

Her first pictorial artwork “Meet the White Dolphin” won the Excellence Award in the 2013 Nationwide Students’ Picture Book Creation Award. It is a adventure story between a white dolphin and Ama, a traditional girl diver who collects seafood for a living. Ying-Xuan also won the Bronze prize in the 2015 Voices of Future Generations International Writing Contest with a story titled “Tales of the Waves at Lanyu”, which describes how the Taiwan indigenous people manage the conservation of marine resources.

Ying-Xuan continues to create more stories and artworks with her unique viewpoint concerning environmental issues. In her latest, Voices of Future Generations Gold Award winning story “A Path to Life”, she superbly deals with the issue of mutual dependence between animals and humans, and demonstrates how all exist in the same bio-community.

Ying-Xuan is not only concerned with environmental issues, but also concerns herself greatly with human rights issues.. She lead teams with school classmates to investigate children’s rights and the rights of disadvantaged people in her country of Taiwan. Her theses “Let’s Play A Song Together With Black Keys and White Keys” and “The Missing Pieces” won the Excellence Award from the 2014 and 2016 Thesis Writing Competition of the Northern County of Taiwan, respectively. She did a speech in the Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention on Biodiversity in Mexico in 2016, a TEED talk for the Taiwanese "Children, Environment and Sustainable Development" forum, and joined “The Dialogues of Climate Generations” forum during the Taipei International Book Exhibition in 2017.

She is now working on her second book for the Voices of Future Generations Children’s Book Series.