Zhuo, Meng-Xin is an eleven-year-old girl who is fond of reading, sporting and mountain-climbing. She also loves to ponder life and appreciate the beauty of nature while enjoying a quality stroll outdoors.

Meng-Xin wrote the The White Dolphin at the young age of nine and later worked on tales upon various wild animals. She realizes that caring for wildlife means not interfering with their lives but offering them the most natural habitat. Therefore, Meng-Xin, being an animal lover, insists on not raising any puppies at home. She would rather bump into animals in the wild by chance than see them confined in the zoo. As for rarely-seen precious species, she can still find ways to meet with them, in a vivid wild-life documentary film.

Meng-Xin enjoys reading. By becoming engrossed in other’s work, she gets deeply caught into fantasy worlds and follows through the ups and downs that the main characters go through. “That’s the fascination of reading,” she says. Meng-Xin is delighted to learn that people fancy her first story about the white dolphin. Thanks to her work, readers will now notice the struggles of the streamline sea mammals and pass the message on to their community. She hopes that as a result, more and more people will come forward to express their concern about sea creatures.

 “It’s such a relief to know that I’ve done a good deed to help the white dolphin and their natural habitat,” Meng-Xin.