Andrea Wilson (11) is an extremely curious person who loves to read and write, learn about science and math and play soccer (football). Andrea won the Gold Award for the Voices of Future Generations (VoFG) contest with her book Sarah’s Journey for Tomorrow in 2018 to become that year’s Child Author for Europe and North America. She lives on Long Island with her two sisters, one brother, her mom and dad, and bunny.

In 2017 Andrea attended The Green Vale School in Old Brookville, NY where she wrote her first book about ecological issues. Her book tells the story of a girl named Sarah who cares deeply about the earth and wants to clean the world of garbage and pollution. To save our earth and her animal friends, Sarah invents a machine to turn garbage into energy. She then uses this machine all over the world to clean up the environment, save habitats and help animals. Andrea intends that her book educates people about the issues our planet faces and motivates them to make a difference, just as Sarah did.

Andrea attended The Green Vale School through fifth grade. This school year Andrea transitioned to independent study for academic freedom and to learn at her own rate. Assisted by tutors and her parents, she enjoys studying many subjects including science, math and English at high-school and college levels. Andrea attends weekly math classes held by the Institute for Creative Problem Solving in Old Westbury, a highly competitive program for talented and gifted students in math. In 2017, she also won the Walt Whitman Birthplace Contest for her poem The Grand Phoenix. A prolific writer, Andrea continues to compose poems, short stories and essays. She was admitted into the Walt Whitman Poetry Mentorship program and was also accepted into the John Hopkins Program for the Gifted. Outside of her love to learn, Andrea is passionate about playing competitive sports at a high level. She plays soccer, basketball and lacrosse. She was recently admitted into the Olympic Development Program for soccer (football), her favorite sport.

Andrea is active with the VoFG program and is currently writing a sequel to Sarah’s Journey for Tomorrow. She writes blog posts on the Sustainable Development Goals and Child Rights to encourage others to be brave and make real differences in how we treat our earth. In 2018, Andrea recently attended Voices of Future Generations Biennial Intergenerational Learning Circle at the House of Lords in London. There she gave a speech about ways in which kids can make a difference, one of the core messages of her book. Among other topics, she also explored the meaning of intergenerational equity with kids from schools in Cambridge and two other child authors.