Tyronah Sioni (12) lives in Papua New Guinea with her Father, Ray and Chilli, their cat. She is from Papua New Guinea but is mixed Australian. She attends Alotau International School, in Milne Bay province.

In her first book, the story outlined 2 characters, namely girls, one of which is ‘invisible’ who spread awareness of discrimination and abuse of women. Now, living in Papua New Guinea, she is able to experience these events first hand and now says “My first book does not do justice to the issue and isn’t accurate enough so that the reader can be knowledgeable about the problems at hand. It also misses out on details that are crucial to the books imagery.” Now armed with experience, she is determined to shine an honest light on the lives of Papua New Guineans in her second book. She says “I will never purely understand the struggles of living in remote places where access to education, healthcare and resources is hard to locate but I will fight for the people who suffer with my most powerful weapon, my education.”

She shows a great passion for Politics, English, Science and Environmental Studies, but excels in and is talented in music and art as it runs in her family. Her hobbies are playing guitar, song writing, singing, reading, writing, drawing and painting. She is fierce, selfless, and straight with people, but she cares deeply for those who suffer and has no tolerance for drama, stupidity and fake people. After living most of her life in well developed countries to a place that is still struggling to develop and grow is a big paradigm shift, but she will continue to help develop her community and country by spreading awareness to multi-national organizations such as the United Nations.