Since 2014, we have led the movement to empower children to have a voice about the future they wish to see. Through our Children's Book Series and our Intergenerational Dialogue Programme, children globally speak out about their hopes, dreams and vision for a sustainable world.


Our Mission

The Voices of Future Generations movement on children's rights and sustainable development is a unique programme of action that empowers children to promote the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goal agenda (SDGs).

Our mission is to assist children to advance the right to education and literacy globally through the children's book series. Books are authored by children aged 8-12, for children aged 6 and above. These stories from around the world are illustrated and published, and the books disseminated globally to schools and libraries for all children to benefit from the knowledge and insight.

Through our Intergenerational Dialogue Programme, we enable children to enter into effective and inspiring communication with experts and global leaders, who are effecting positive change in the fields of children's rights and sustainable development.

These young voices must be heard and they must encourage global leaders to keep their promises.
— Irina Bokova, Director-General, UNESCO

What We've Achieved

  • 9 books published in hard copy and disseminated globally.
  • More stories being written and illustrated by children around the world.
  • A contract for an anthology with prestigious Bloomsbury Publishing Ltd.
  • Books translated into several of the UN languages.
  • Global launch of a short film about the initiative.
  • Writing of a children's declaration on the future they wish to see in New York.
  • A strong presence as an initiative working on children's rights and sustainability.
  • Events and talks in the UK, USA, Mexico, Taiwan and other worldwide destinations.