Farewell to HE Judge CG Weeramantry

His Excellency Judge Christopher Gregory Weeramantry was an extraordinary and international inspiring jurist, an insightful scholar, a talented educator, a kind and gracious gentleman, and a deeply beloved mentor. He sadly passed away on 5th January 2017, surrounded by family and friends.

Judge Weeramantry was instrumental in the launch of the Voices of Future Generations initiative and one of our most passionate supporters. It is very hard to imagine him gone - he will be deeply missed and honoured by many.

His creativity, engagement and deep sense of responsibility, ethics and history were well known and deeply appreciated in this field. His vision, insight and dedication has made a lasting impression on international law, inspiring many young scholars and jurists to work towards peace, justice, and sustainable development. Across the world, and across generations, his works will be remembered and cherished. The Judge truly made a difference to our world, advancing peace, education and research, and reminding us of the spirit of the law, with our responsibilities towards the most vulnerable peoples and our Earth.

We are sending all our deepest condolences to the Judge’s wife, his children and grandchildren at this time, along with our respect for a life very, very well-lived.