Activities in South Africa

Between 7 and 10 November, a road-show exhibiting the titles in the Voices of Future Generation’s Children’s Book Series took place in South Africa.

Over 560 school children and their Principals received donations of all the published books in the series. These donations were preceded by in-depth discussions on the Voices initiative and the rights-conscious themes in each of the book titles. Various talks on the Voices mission to assist children all over the world to lead the way in promoting the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Post-2015 SDGs and the right to education and literacy globally also took place.

The children who received the book donations were very inspired by the series and enthused by their own potential to lead in the area of children’s rights and sustainable development. They were also excited to learn of the Voices of Future Generations Children’s Declaration on Children's Rights and Sustainable Development, the UN Child Ambassador for the SDGs programme, and the various inter-generational learning circles that children affiliated with Voices have led and attended at the UN Headquarters in New York and the House of Lords in London.

Some of the schools pledged to incorporate the books in the Voices of Future Generations Children’s Book Series into their English Literature and Creative Writing and Social Sciences curricula.