Adelyn "Addy" Sophie Newman-Ting


Addy’s Story

The Stories of Hope tells the story of children meeting and talking to animals, figuring out how to save the environment and native languages at the same time. The story highlights inter-generational justice, demonstrating how the elders, as repositories of knowledge about environment, culture and language, can assist young people towards sustainability.

Adelyn "Addy" Sophie Newman-Ting lives in Victoria, British Columbia with her mother, a schoolteacher, and her father, a master carver, professor and First Nations artist. She wrote The Stories of Hope at age 9. She is Kwakwaka’wakw and Coast Salish, also English, Irish and Scottish, and Chinese from Taiwan. Her Indigenous name is Kesugilakw meaning leader of people, and her Chinese name is Ting Li-Wen meaning pretty flower cloud. Addy enjoys dancing, brownies, jump roping and singing, and is an avid reader, writer and artist, working on her first book about carving a totem pole for Oaklands Primary, her school.