Children at Heffers: Jona David and Diwa Boateng

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At 2pm on Saturday 12th May, come along to Children’s at Heffers, Cambridge, UK for an event with award-winning child authors Jona David and Diwa Boateng!

Jona David’s brightly illustrated books highlight children's rights to a clean environment and education through the magical eco-science adventures of an Eco-Inventor Boy and his Little Brother. His first book, The Epic Eco Inventions, received a gold award from the UN - and now you can come and hear him read from the third book in the series, The Mechanical Chess Invention! 

Diwa Boateng is a UN Climate Justice Ambassador and the author of The Forward and Backward City, a book which shows how inequality in an African city is experienced differently by one poor boy and his rich friend. It is based on research he carried out in South Africa, Ghana, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Diwa will be reading from his book, which is dedicated to his grandfather who always encouraged him to study hard!

The event is free to attend but booking is essential as places are limited. Please book tickets through this page, by calling 01223 463200 or in person in Heffer’s children’s department.

Activities in South Africa

On Thursday 15 February, Ms Vuyelwa Kuuya, on behalf of the VoFG International Commission donated a set of books in the VoFG Children's Book Series to grade six children at the EMFUNDISWENI school located in the heart of Alexandra Township, Johannesburg, South Africa. Emfundisweni means "a place involved in teaching and learning" in isiZulu, one of the main languages spoken in South Africa. The books will be placed in library corners in two of the classrooms at the school.  

The book donations were received after a presentation on the Post 2015 Sustainable Develipment Goal's, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and each of the unique issues raised by the child authors in the VoFG children's book series.  

The children at EMFUNDISWENI school were grateful and the head was keen to explore ways in which the children can get involved in current and future VoFG acivities where possible.