Allison's second story

Allison is working hard on her second story! Her first story, The Sisters’ Mind Connection, has been hugely popular and we imagine the next, which will be about migrant and refugee children, will be the same.

Allison has dedicated a lot of time already to preparing the next book for the Voices series, including field trips to meet a refugee community in Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico to learn about their lives.


Here is Allison with Elisa. Elisa García is originally from Spain. She is trained as a lawyer and specialized in international refugee law. Elisa took the plunge last year: she was approached at an academic conference by the Government of Tabasco and offered the job as founding director of Albergue Colibrí.


J. is 16 and is 5 months pregnant. She is from Honduras. Shy and guarded, she lightened up when Allison showed her her book and teared up when Hazel called her courageous.

We will never forget this day of intensive learning with brave refugee and migrant children. Thanks to UNICEF Mexico for organising this trip and to Elisa García and her wonderful team for hosting us for the day but most of all thanks to the amazing kids for sharing their stories, their heartache, their dreams and their smiles with us. The kids’ faces have been blurred as many of them are fleeing from violence but we keep each one of them etched in our conscience and our heart.