2017 Voices Story Writing Competition results from Asia...


This year's Gold winner is Yun-Hung Huang, age 10, who studies at the New Taipei Municipal Zhong-Zheng Elementary School in Taiwan. The story "Small Sparrow, Great Hero" really touched the judges and they were very inspiring to read about one little bird being able to enact so much change with its passion!

Congratulations, Yun-Hung, on winning the Gold prize! The Voices of Future Generations International Commission look forwards to working with you, to form your story into a book that fits the global series.


A Green Adventure, by Yun-Zhen Dan, age 10, Kaohsiung Municipal Zih-Guan Elementary School, Taiwan

A Meaningful Lesson, by Chia-Hu Kao, age 11, Changhua Municipal Jiu-Guan Elementary School, Taiwan


The Awakening of the Earth People, by Jui-Heng Chang, age 12, Taipei Municipal Shiu-De Elementary School, Taiwan

To Be a Star Environmental Fighter, by Chih-Yi Chiu, age 11, Kaohsiung Municipal Zih-Guan Elementary School, Taiwan

The Sky That Belongs to the Mangrove Forest, by Tzu-Chuan Huang, age 12, Kaohsiung Municipal Zih-Guan Elementary School, Taiwan

Special Poetry Prize

Who is Speaking? By Hung-Yueh Cho, age 11, Taichung Municipal Wai-Pu Elementary School, Taiwan

The judges felt this was a very carefully and cleverly crafted piece of writing. They unanimously decided that they would like to award Hung-Yueh Cho with a special Poetry Prize, meaning that this piece of writing will be featured on our global website. Congratulations!


Fireflies are Angry, by Zhen-You Guo, age 11, Taipei Municipal Guan-Du Elementary School, Taiwan

 Confessions of Little Angel Leopard Cat, by Pei Chen Tsao, age11, Changhua Municipal Chung-Shan Elementary School, Taiwan

Thank you again to all the children who entered, from across Asia. It is always wonderful to hear your ideas and read your creative writing. Thank you, also, to EQPF and their prestigious judges for helping to facilitate the contest.