Jona David, Child Author, at the Perimeter Institute, Ontario

Jona David, whose children's books feature eco-science and innovation, enjoyed the most amazing 11th birthday experience ever: a personal tour of Canada’s Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Ontario.

From the inviting welcome hall with images and equations covering the walls, to the ever-present chalkboards for maths and physics discussions and proofs, to the state-of-the-art lecture halls, library, and work spaces featuring modern architecture, natural light, pools of water for contemplation, and copies of Euclid casually left on coffee tables, Jona was in his element! It will be no surprise if quantum physics, general relativity, or gravitational waves appear in Jona's next books.

Jona David, 11, enjoying his birthday visit.

The informative and engaging visit, hosted by gracious guide Angela Robinson of the Institute’s External Relations & Public Affairs team, included an invitation, deeply appreciated, to engage in the Perimeter Public Lecture Series online, and to apply for the International Summer School for Young Physicists once he’s just a little bit older. All thanks are due to the Perimeter Institute for their world-changing work and kind welcome to a small author fascinated by science. In the spirit of sharing ideas and innovations, Jona has expressed his thanks for the tour with a gift of his autographed books for researchers to enjoy with their families.