Both in the organized civil society environment and in the entrepreneurial world in the Americas, Marcela Orvañanos is an outstanding and highly recognized leader. A Mexican philanthropist, she is the founder of several social and humanitarian organisations in Mexico and in the United States. As an expert in professional training for fundraising and institutional development for the social sector, Marcela’s work has had a very positive influence on philanthropic activities, not only in Latin America but also in the United States. Being the founder of Procura, A.C., the most prestigious training institute for fundraising and institutional development in Mexico, an organisation that since its creation has trained over 25,000 individuals in Latin America, the Philippines and the United States, Marcela has been able to provide its graduates the capable and well developed skills required to allow them to establish their own organizations, in a professional, efficient and effective manner, to produce a higher impact on the community they serve.

Thanks to her devotion to ethical and consistent work, from the establishment of Procura to this date, Marcela has had an alliance with The Lilly School of Philanthropy at Indiana University. This alliance has given way to have the courses taught by Procura receive all the professional recognition that is necessary in the world of civil society.

During 2006, jointly with Alexis, her husband, Marcela established Qualitas of Life Foundation in the metropolitan area of the City of New York, a foundation devoted to teaching basic financial education courses to Hispanic families. In that same year, she established in Mexico City Fondo de Estrategia Social, A.C. (FES), whose mission is to invest private resources in causes promoting social investment.

She is also the founder of Fondea Asesorías, S.C., a corporation established in Mexico City in the year 2002, a consulting firm having as purpose to assist on the development of social impact projects, both for the public and the private sectors. Among its many clients we find Mexico’s Secretaría de Desarrollo Social and Secretaría de Educación Pública. She is a consultant on financial campaigns for Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI) and Partido Acción Nacional (PAN), as well as for Fundación ACIR, Museo Horno 3, Fundación Nextel, Centro Mario Molina, Universidad Iberoamericana (UIA), Universidad Panamericana (UP), Instituto Panamericano de Alta Dirección de Empresa (IPADE) and Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Marcela is presently the Chairperson for UNICEF’s Consulting Board in Mexico.

She was nominated to the Eisenhower Fellowship Award, and was also one of the finalist candidates to Avon’s Sacil Award, granted to the best entrepreneurial women. She received the Senior Fellowship Award at the Center of Philanthropy and Civil Society of the City University of New York (CUNY), center whose Directive Board is chaired by her.

Among the academic and honorary awards received by Marcela, we find that she is a member of The Philanthropy Workshop (TPW) at the Rockefeller Foundation, has earned a certificate on Administrative Management and Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations granted by The Lilly School of Philanthropy, and a certificate on Entrepreneurial Social Responsibility by Universidad de Navarra in Pamplona, Spain. She also earned a Liberal Arts Degree from the The New School University in New York, where she graduated with honours, and she also received the Global Master of Arts Program (GMAP) degree at The School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts Fletcher School at Tufts University.

Besides being the Chairperson for Qualitas of Life Foundation in New York and a member of Consejo Mexicano de Asuntos Internacionales, A.C. (COMEXI), Marcela’s efficiency and capabilities to advise organizations, has given her the opportunity to act as consultant for several institutions, such as Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, Procura, A.C., Fundación CEDIC, A.C., Consejo de Audiencias de “A Favor de lo Mejor” A.C., the Friedman School of Nutrition at Tufts University, and others. As the Mexico representative for The Lilly School of Philanthropy at the Indiana University, she has had an outstanding role promoting training, and since her life has been devoted to ethical fundraising, Marcela was awarded the Henry A. Rosso medal, that is the most prestigious award granted by this School.

In 2015, Marcela was honored by the Society of Foreign Consuls in New York, Inc. as a result of her exemplary and continuous work to empower members of the Hispanic communities in that city, and received the Circle of Mercy award granted by one of the most important community organizations in the City of New York, the Mercy Center, to show their appreciation for her creative energy and her generosity to the Latino community.

Marcela shares her family life with husband Alexis Eugenio Rovzar de la Torre, with whom she has four children: Marcela, Mónica, Mariana and Alexis. She now also has eight wonderful grandchildren who fill her life with joy.